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Attendance & Absence Reporting

Although children should be attending school everyday, we realize that there are times when this is not possible. At Webster Elementary we have a “Safe Arrival Program” and utilize the School Messenger system. Parents and Guardians have the option to download the School Messenger App for Apple or Android phones/tablets. This new tool makes it faster and easier to report absences, and lets parent choose how to receive communications from schools.
  • Parents can choose how to be notified (Email, Phone call, text message)
We would also appreciate a call to our office if your child has a childhood communicable disease (confidentiality will be respected).
It is expected that students will arrive to school on time. Students who arrive late disrupt the learning of others and often miss important concepts. Students arriving late should check into the office and present a note from their parents as to the reason for their tardiness. A phone call to the office (or a note to a teacher) for expected late arrivals is appreciated.