School Fees

School Fees 2020-2021

At Webster Elementary School we believe no student will be denied access to programs, services or educational opportunities provided by the school because of financial need. ¬†For more information on our school’s Hardship Policy¬†click here.

There are no District Cultural Fees this coming school year.

School Fees can be paid by School District No.20’s ActivtyRight on-line payment system or directly to the school (cheque or cash).

GradeTeacherDistrict TechnologyAgendasTotal
KMs Philipzyk$15.00$25.00 (school supplies)$40.00
KMs Morgan$15.00$25.00 (school supplies)$40.00
1Ms Voth$15.00$10.00$25.00
1/2Ms Williams$15.00$10.00$25.00
2Mrs. Obal$15.00$10.00$25.00
2/3Mrs. Page$15.00$10.00$25.00
3Mrs. Freeman$15.00$10.00$25.00
3/4Ms Bourchier$15.00$10.00$25.00
4Mrs. Nutini$15.00$10.00$25.00
4/5Mrs. Stephens$15.00$10.00$25.00
5Mrs. Vanness & Ms Earthy$15.00$10.00$25.00
6Ms Chartres & Ms Earthy$15.00$10.00$25.00
6/7Mrs. Lutz-Miller$15.00-$15.00
7Mrs. Riemer$15.00-$15.00